The Best Oily Skin Cleansers Women Really Need It
Wash your face, lady. If not, dirt built and oil will ruin your skin. Also, when it comes down to skincare, we need to splurge a little. So, we can't cheap out on the product. Use the best cleanser to get rid of the stubborn oil on your face.

Imagine going to a party all glammed up, with the perfect makeup and hair. And your makeup stays put till the very end of the event. Sounds smooth, right? But sadly, it doesn’t happen to everyone! Oily skin is a real enemy when it comes to spoiling your makeup. Ask us, the people with oily skin, how much of a hassle when our hard work hours get wasted just because the oil has no chill!! Some of us have so much of it that we could start exporting it to countries!! Alright, jokes apart, so what do you do to live the perfect scenario we asked you to imagine? Don’t worry; we’re here to turn your imagination into reality. How? Keep reading to find out!

Cleansing: It’s one of the most crucial steps in a quality skincare routine. In layman’s terms, it merely refers to the process of ridding your skin of all the unnecessary things, including OIL! YES, THE KEY TO A FLAWLESS DRY SKIN LIES IN CLEANSING! But the thing is, not everybody knows how to cleanse their face correctly, and most importantly, the quest for the best oily skin cleanser is a never-ending one. Consequently, people fail to clear away the icky oil on their faces. We’re here for a reason!!! Today, we’re going to tell you about the best oily skin cleanser and how to use them.



Raw cold milk has excellent cleansing properties. It rejuvenates and deeply nourishes the skin because of the natural enzymes present in it. In fact, these enzymes and the acids present in milk help in exfoliating, toning, and cleansing the skin. On the other hand, orange peel balances the pH of the cleanser. It also has numerous benefits for the skin, including whitening, pore tightening, pore unclogging, etc.

How to:

  • All you have to do is mix 3 tablespoons of raw cold milk with 1 tablespoon of orange peel powder in a bowl.
  • Then apply this mixture to your face using a cotton ball. Gently massage into your skin in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 5 minutes.
  • Rest your face for another 5 minutes more.
  • Finally, wash off the cleanser with lukewarm water. Do this every day.


What could be better than preparing a super potent cleanser out of 2 easily available ingredients in the kitchen? Yes, we’re talking about the power couple of honey and lemon! The citric acid in lemon works as an effective cleanser. It’s a natural astringent and helps to shrink the skin and to soak excessive oil from it. On the other hand, honey softens and hydrates the skin for a super-smooth texture.

How to:

  • To prepare this cleanser, take 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl and mix it well.
  • Apply this mixture on your face and massage for 2 minutes.
  • Leave it for almost 10 minutes, then wash off with plain water. This cleanser works best if you use it at night before bedtime.

Final Word On Cleansers For Oily Skin

Cleansing can undoubtedly boost your skin quality, and using our 2 best oily skin cleansers is a perfect way of wiping out all the excessive oil from your face! However, if you too busy to make your own cleanser. Here is some product that will help you save time and look you best.

Rosen Skincare Earth Cleanser A creamy, slightly foaming cleanser that uses Fuller's earth clay, zinc oxide and eucalyptus oil to help control acne.

Rosen Earth Cleanser



This creamy, slightly foaming cleanser uses Fuller’s earth clay, zinc oxide, and eucalyptus oil to help control acne. The clay-based cleanser contains zinc oxide, which acts as a natural astringent for active bumps and breakouts. Niacinamide helps with skin inflammation and regulates oil production, and eucalyptus oil provides a minty feel and smell while working as an antibacterial against breakouts. You apply a quarter-sized amount of the cleanser to damp skin and gently work up to a lather. Then lather on cleanser for 60 seconds and rinse off.

Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, A gentle cleanser to remove makeup, excess oil, pollution, and grime that rinses away without residue, leaving skin clean and soft.

Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser



This cleanser contains a unique blend of mild surfactants and makeup-dissolving emollients. In fact, this gentle cleanser is formulated at an ideal, non-stripping pH level of 5.5. Free of SLS, fragrance, essential oils, and silicones. Beste has a pH of 6.1, which powers the stacked mild cleansing ingredients and helps keep the natural barrier of the skin balanced and healthy. This cruelty-free product is vegan and gluten-free. Squeeze cleanser into palm and gently massage over wet face and water to lather, lastly rinse well and pat dry.

Then I Met You Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel. This brightening cleansing gel is packed with fermented rice water as the number one ingredient, and was designed to be a sensorial experience with its natural herbal scent.

Then I Met You Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel



The Founder of Soko Glam Charlotte Cho’s vision for a soothing and hydrating water-based cleanser is found in the innovative and bouncy Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel, the perfect complement to the Living Cleansing Balm. As a matter of fact, this brightening cleansing gel is packed with fermented rice water as the number one ingredient and was designed to be a sensory experience with its natural herbal scent. In addition to tackling impurities like dirt and sweat, the formula brightens with licorice root extract, calms and prevents signs of aging with green tea, and lightly exfoliates with gluconolactone (PHA). The procedure is sulfate-free and has a gentle pH of 6.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel, bestselling daily face wash that uses papaya and grapefruit extract.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel



The papaya and grapefruit extracts are exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples. It leaves the skin looking radiant and pores clear. Not to mention, it is a non-foaming gel cleanser that thoroughly removes the day’s makeup, dirt, and oil without drying the skin. The way you use it is to lather onto wet skin daily. Rinse well.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser is dermatologist developed for daily cleansing of sensitive skin and uses skin-friendly technology to wash away dirt, oil and bacteria and remove makeup without disrupting skin's natural moisture barrier

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser



The Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser is a dermatologist-developed for daily cleansing of sensitive skin and uses skin-friendly technology to wash away dirt, oil, and bacteria and remove makeup without disrupting skin’s natural moisture barrier. Furthermore, this extra-gentle face wash combines Neutrogena technology’s superior cleansing with a sensitive skin cleanser’s maximum gentleness. The practical yet gentle formula removes impurities with patented technology without disrupting skin’s natural moisture to leave it feeling soft – never too dry, never too tight. And unlike some other face washes for sensitive skin that can leave behind residue, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser rinses completely clean, leaving skin feeling refreshed. It is oil-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic; this daily cleanser is clinically gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, it is sufficient for cleansing before and after wearing your mask.