Summer Skincare Favourites

During the summer months it’s natural to want to treat yourself to something a little bit different, considering that we all have a little more time on our hands. 

I don’t personally believe that you need to change your routine drastically between the seasons, but it does make sense that people might want to experiment a little bit with this extra time and space. 

At the core, I truly believe in mixing and matching products that suit yours skin and will help to protect and nourish it from the inside all the way to the outside. 

Also, certain products are used at their best during the summer months. Whereas others are Kings and Queens of the winter time. During the summer months. we might champion products like SPFs, exfoliators, and hydrating products. 

Through the year we’ll no doubt be tweaking and changing products in and out of our routines, but it’s entirely possible that you might be finding yourself with a little more time to play during these summer months.

Whether you’re staying home or taking a little trip somewhere different, the summer can be a great time for experimentation in the skincare realm. 

The summer months can bring different challenges for our skin that we might not experience at other times of the year, so it’s important to know what your reach for if you’re having a flare up of your particular skin care concern. 

Read on for the rundown on summer spots, the reasons why you may be getting them and some of my summer skincare favourites…

Why you are getting spots in the summer

There are 100,000 reasons why you could be breaking out, but during the summer months we can. Whittle this down to three prime contenders for your breakout woes: Stress, sweat and sultry air.


Breakouts are something of a vicious circle. The more we breakout, the more we tend to worry about breaking out, and this worry feeds further breakouts until you’re stuck. Going around in circles, cursing the day you ever purchased that magnified mirror for the bathroom.

Stress of all kinds can trigger breakouts, and it’s no surprise that many hoomans might be. Undergoing periods of particular stress during this summer. 

We might not be able to remedy all of the things in our life which causes stress, particularly at the moment. But it’s worth bearing in mind that you are more than your skin and that. This too shall pass along with (hopefully) your breakouts.


It’s getting hot in here, so take off all of your clothes makeup and SPF at night. These long hot summer days are a good time, but we need to bear in mind that the elevated temperature has got us sweating. 

When we sweat, this can combine with any product that we’re wearing our skins such as SPM for makeup. It can combine with these to create a kind of soup which can slide lovingly into our pores and block them, which cause – you guessed it – breakouts.

Sultry air

Escape this heat and stop ourselves from sweating. We could be subjecting ourselves to other own skin friendly practises such as air conditioning. Although it’s a huge relief, particularly during the hottest of hot times, air conditioning can have an effect on the skin, which we might not expect. 

Air conditioning can work to dry out our skin, prompting it to overproduce sebum in attempt to lubricate itself. This over production of sebum can lead to oil becoming trapped in our pores and breakouts are the natural response.

So how can we fix all of these breakout related issues? In life there is no immediate solutions, but we can take steps to ensure that our breakouts are minimised and that we look after our skin, particularly during these summer months.

Double cleansing year round

Making sure that you cleanse diligently every morning and evening is another excellent way to minimise breakouts. Double cleansing ensures that you are removing all product SPF and makeup from your skin which might otherwise become embedded in your pores.

It’s a simple habit, and once you get into it, we promise it’s super easy to continue. It could be all that you need in order to make a difference to the condition of your skin. 

When you cleanse your skin you create a new fresh surface for serums to effectively penetrate, which is good news all around for your skin. It also means that you are not wasting money on serums because they’re getting to do their job as effectively as possible.