Photoepilation, what is it and how does it work?

Photoepilation is one of the greatest advances in science in terms of beauty and hair removal. What this treatment gives us is to stop being slaves of the wax or the shaver that force us to submit every month or fortnight to shave and go through pain. This technique consists of removing body hair definitively in several sessions.

You can choose which area you want to treat and that will depend on the number of sessions you need and the total cost of the treatment.

1 How the photoepilation process works

Photoepilation, what is it and how does it work

Photoepilation consists of “killing” the follicle (root) of each hair, through light energy that is emitted by a special pulsed light equipment. This energy is able to travel along all the hair thanks to melanin which is able to absorb light. Melanin is a pigment that determines the color of a person’s skin and hair, so the darker your skin and your natural hair, the better the photoepilation process can be performed; on the other hand, if your hair and skin are very clear due to lack of melanin, photoepilation becomes almost impossible, since the energy will not be able to pass through your hair and would end up burning your skin.

2 How is a photoepilation session

It is not a treatment that causes pain, although in some cases you can feel a small tingling or pinching, which is due to the energy when it reaches the follicle; but it is totally bearable (and 10 times less painful than any hair removal). In each session you can remove up to 30% of the hair, and it is advisable to let at least a month pass between one session and another; but this will be told by specialists. After each session you can live a completely normal life, but they will recommend that you do not shave between sessions, so it is recommended to do it in winter.

3 How many photoepilation sessions do I need?

It will depend exclusively on the amount of hair you are going to remove. It is not the same to do a photoepilation in the armpits, than in the legs. What will be very important is to respect the phases of hair growth, since there are some more appropriate than others to perform photoepilation. For an area with little hair, between 3 and 4 sessions may be needed, and in people who decide to perform a photoepilation throughout the body it can sometimes take up to more than a year. Everything is relative, and it will also depend on whether you have a lot or little hair in those areas. When you decide to perform a photoepilation keep in mind that the pulsed light equipment used for this technique must be of good quality, since the success of the treatment will depend on that; try to go to reliable beauty centers and if you find a very economical promotion … Distrusts.