Is it very bad to shave with a blade?

Razor shaving is one of the methods that many people resort to to remove body hair. The speed with which the hairs can be removed, together with the ease with which the hair removal is carried out have made the blade one of the favorite methods. But is this method really recommended to end the growth of unwanted hairs? We clear all doubts below.

1 What is blade hair removal?

1 What is blade hair removal

Blade hair removal consists of passing a sharp blade through the hair without uprooting it. Only the superficial part is shaved, removing it externally. This allows the skin to look soft and hair-free but, yes, only one or two days.

This type of hair removal is especially recommended for those people who are prone to folliculitis, however it is a method that forces you to be repeating the process practically daily, being able to become a somewhat tedious hair removal technique.

2 What are the main advantages and disadvantages of shaving with a blade?

2 What are the main advantages and disadvantages of shaving with a blade


  • It is a method to end hair, very fast and especially effective when you need to get out of a hurry in a situation
  • You can do hair removal at home
  • You can shave any area of the body
  • It’s fast, and allows you to get rid of all the hair in large areas
  • It is a very economical method since you only need a razor blade
  • It is not painful, if you do not cause any cuts


  • Hair grows very fast, it may take a day or two, in some cases even a few hours
  • If you’re not careful, cuts in the skin can occur
  • With continued use of this procedure, the skin tends to dry out and become damaged.

3 Myths about blade hair removal

3 Myths about blade hair removal

There are many myths around blade hair removal, however, we can affirm that all these that we indicate are completely false. For example, it is false that:

  • Blade hair removal makes tanning last less: Only dead cells are removed.
  • Hair grows faster, stronger and darker: The follicle is not modified, the hair remains the same.
  • Tightening the blade more makes hair removal more rushed: The blade only cuts flush with the skin. Rushing further can only produce a cut.
  • Shaving every day with a blade is bad for the skin: No, as long as you properly hydrate the skin.