How to remove dark circles naturally
How to remove dark circles naturally

It is something that every woman should know, since none likes to show off those annoying shaded spots under the eyes. In many cases dark circles are hereditary, or are due to hormonal problems and therefore it is not easy to eliminate them, but it is possible. But in most people, dark circles are due to lack of rest and exposure to sunlight, as are nasty bags under the eye.

That is why it is important to rest well at night and have a deep sleep, in addition to leaving home daily at least to take a walk and that the skin of our face receives the energy of the sun. There are special makeups to hide dark circles, but not all are effective, and also solve the problem only in the moment. That is why today we will show you the best tricks to eliminate dark circles naturally and make your face look fresh and young.

1 Cucumber mask

It is an old recipe from grandma that made us laugh but the truth is that it works! Since it gives freshness to the skin of our eyelids and eye contour significantly reducing dark circles. Applying a slice of cucumber in each eye for 30 minutes will be enough to notice the changes.

2 Strawberry pulp

The strawberry has a great anti-inflammatory power and is also able to stimulate circulation, so it is also very effective in treating dark circles. You can puree the strawberries until it has a pulp consistency and cool it before placing it around the eyes, for 30 minutes. Then rinse.

3 Chamomile

One of the many properties that chamomile has is to reduce inflammation and remove any discomfort from the eyes, in addition to working as a good antibiotic. In treatments for dark circles it works perfectly. You can make an infusion and let it cool, and then place it on each eye with cottons, let them act at least 20 minutes on the area of dark circles.

4 Potato

It is also a good option to reduce dark circles on your face, and its high starch content helps make your skin very soft. You should grate the raw potato and wrap it with its juice inside a gauze or cloth of fine fabric, make sure it is wet and place it on top of each eye. You can also do this by directly placing a slice of potato, but it won’t be as effective.

5 Natural soaps

There are some soaps made naturally, that is, without too many chemicals that contain ingredients very conducive to rejuvenate the skin and remove stains, such as rosehip soap or one with glycerin and coconut oil. They are very good to adopt them to the daily care of our skin and thus prevent the appearance of dark circles.