How to pluck armpits easily

Plucking the armpits is one of the beauty rituals that many people follow both for comfort and hygiene, as well as for aesthetics. Choosing the right method will determine the effectiveness of hair removal as well as the duration. However, being a delicate area, it is necessary to take precautions. Let’s see how to perform hair removal easily.

1 What hair removal methods are there for the armpits?

1 What hair removal methods are there for the armpits

The choice of the right method for the hair removal of the armpits must be made knowing that it is a particularly delicate area of the body. The reason is because it is an area in which about 30 lymph nodes are located. They are the axillary ganglia.

The axillary nodes are responsible for storing white blood cells that will be responsible for fighting infections. That is why special care must be taken when depilating the area.

Hair removal methods not recommended

The hair removal methods that are not recommended for the hair removal of the armpits are those that tear the hair from the root, as this can cause an annoying inflammation of the lymph nodes.

By applying these methods that pull the hair from the root by means of a strong pull, a series of microscopic lesions can occur that would cause inflammation. This is the case of wax or electric waxing machines.

Recommended hair removal methods

The most recommended methods for underarm hair removal are those that cut the hair without pulling it out. This is the case of normal razors, or depilatory creams. In any case, we must bear in mind that, although they are less aggressive methods, they can irritate the skin if not done properly. In addition, the effects are less durable, but they are safer methods.

Definitive armpit hair removal method

If you want to forget about underarm hair forever, the most effective method is laser hair removal. Thanks to this method you can remove hair by destroying the follicle under the skin. Thus, the hair weakens until it disappears completely. Despite being a more expensive method, it is undoubtedly the safest and most effective definitive option to end the hair in the armpits.

2 Tips to depilate the armpits without irritating the skin

2 Tips to depilate the armpits without irritating the skin

Now that you know all the methods to shave the armpits correctly, let’s see some tips to remove hair without leaving a trace and, most importantly, without irritating the area:

  • If you opt for blade hair removal, always choose a new blade that is perfectly sharp. Do not forget to change it frequently so that this method of hair removal does not lose effectiveness. Remember that this method requires you to repeat hair removal every other day
  • In the event that the hair is very long, you can choose to trim it before waxing it, or use depilatory cream before passing the razor blade.
  • The use of a soothing gel, such as Aloe Vera gel, or talcum powder, before and after shaving, will help the area not to become irritated.
  • Do not use deodorant until at least one hour after you have had underarm hair removal. Whenever possible, avoid those alcohol-based deodorants.
  • Wear loose cotton clothing, to prevent the armpit area from becoming irritated.