Brazilian Hair Removal: The Ultimate Guide

Brazilian depliation is one of the most widely used types of hair removal today. Since it became fashionable in the late 90s it has not come out of the routine of our intimate hair removal habits. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages, it is considered a hygienic form of female pubic hair removal.

You can do the definitive Brazilian hair removal in an aesthetic center, with a laser (alexandrite laser) or a pulsed light photoepiler to get rid of the hairs of the pubic area, and normally in several sessions visible and lasting results are achieved.

To do Brazilian hair removal in your own home it is necessary that you first consider all the factors, such as the preparation of the genital area, the method or the parts that you are going to depilate. Discover in our ultimate guide everything you need to know about Brazilian hair removal and how to do it at home.

1 Preparation for Brazilian hair removal

1 Preparation for Brazilian hair removal

Before starting to shave it is necessary to prepare the genital area to avoid problems such as cystic hairs, pimples or cuts.

  • Trim the pubic hair until it is about 1 centimeter long. Use scissors with round tips so as not to cut the skin.
  • Exfoliate your genitals: do not forget the perianal area and intergluteal if you are going to shave them. Never exfoliate the lips as they are very delicate.
  • Apply talcum powder to the entire area to be plucked or baby oil if you have chosen to wax to have less pain. Another option is a desensitizing cream with cold effect.

2 Wax for waxing

2 Wax for waxing

You have several methods to shave the pubis, however, as many of them are not entirely suitable we are going to talk about the most used and it is none other than wax.

The results are long-lasting, it can be reused and although it is a sometimes painful method it is the most recommended in general. You can heat it in the microwave or in a water bath depending on whether it is bought or made at home; the wax in roll on is heated by hand. Opt for soluble wax so you don’t have to remove sticky debris when finished and don’t let the wax cool while you shave.

Always apply in the same direction of hair growth and remove with a quick and dry pull in the opposite direction to it, by means of previously prepared bands. Start at the top and go from the center to the sides; go down as the hair disappears. Use a mirror to better see the area (you have to use it whenever you shave on your own), and if possible good lighting.

Divide your skin by zones, so you will know which part you need to depilate. Squeeze your hand after tearing off a band to reduce pain. Do not let much time pass between the application of the wax and the spurt so that it does not harden and become cold.

Tighten the portion of skin you are waxing with your hand and tear off the band as close to the surface as possible; thus the pain will be less. Use tweezers if you have any hairs left.

After finishing it is important that you hydrate well with an unctuous and soft cream that absorbs quickly.

3 Types of Brazilian hair removal

3 Types of Brazilian hair removal

There are several types of Brazilian hair removal, and we show them below:

  • Play Boy hair removal: it is the most complete and radical of all.
  • American hair removal: in it, it is also sought to remove hair but leaving a vertical line on the lips.
  • Decorative hair removal: different drawings and shapes are made with the hairs, being one of the most original and daring.
  • Brazilian hair removal: involves removing all the hair but leaving a part of hair in the shape of a “V”.

4 Some useful tips for successful hair removal

  • Always opt for hot wax to shave as the cold could cause bruises and bruises. Put it at medium temperature, neither too cold (because it will not shave you properly) nor too hot (so as not to burn you) and use a spatula to spread. Keep the temperature constant so that it does not become hard and retains its viscous, slightly liquid texture.
  • Never start with sudden movements. Perform an energetic pull upwards but as close to the skin as possible. Otherwise you run the risk of lifting the skin causing redness and wounds.
  • If you become very irritated after shaving or you are filled with annoying pimples, the solution is simple: apply with delicate movements a little hydrogen peroxide to dry the skin mixed with aloe vera gel; you will see how after a few days the pimples dry out and disappear while the skin is super soft and hydrated.
  • Don’t sunbathe until at least the next day; do not take very hot baths or go to saunas.
  • The clothes you wear during the first two days must be loose and not cause annoying chafing when walking. Avoid garments made of synthetic fiber, polyester and leather.
  • Ask for professional help in case you do not get to shave correctly.

The types of female intimate hair removal have been evolving for decades without any being definitively installed; However, Brazilian hair removal has gone from being a passing fad to a lasting one and has become the favorite among most women.